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yanmar  6CXBS-GT






yanmar  6CXBS-GT


450ps YX75-2s



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Points to note regarding used engines and construction machinery.

1.Regarding used engines, they will be delivered in their current condition, and no claims or returns will be accepted. Please be aware that we cannot address any complaints after purchase.

2.Please consider that the used engines are sold with the understanding that they may require maintenance. All costs associated with maintenance will be the responsibility of the buyer, so please take note.

3.Junk engines: These engines are in a state of missing parts, damage, or seizure, but they can be made functional through parts replacement and repairs.

4.As we also sell these items in-store, please be advised that we may end the sales early without prior notice if they are sold out.

5.(SOLD OUT) The product has been completely sold out, so further inquiries are unnecessary.

Description of item
yanmar diesel Engine that complies with IMO Tier 2 exhaust gas regulations Model: 6CXBS-GT Horsepower: 330KW 448HP Reduction ratio: 2.58 YX75-2s Hour meter: 5166 hours Trial run completed (November 1, 2020) Overhauled (Reiwa 4) with electric pulley couplingless Engine condition: excellent As this is a used engine, delivery conditions are as-is. ◇ Please check the photos for scratches, dirt, corrosion, rust, discoloration, etc. *Since this is a used machine, we ask that there be no claims or returns. Please note that we cannot accept complaints after purchase! Shipping details: We generally pick up the item, but for customers living far away, we can also ship via Seino Transport pallet service or cash on delivery. Please note that we cannot ship to private residences, and if we do not have a forklift to unload the items, we will not be able to ship.
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